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Eyelash Lifting and Tinting

A lash lift is a chemical 'perm' of the lashes to lift them from the root, giving the appearance of eyelash curlers being used. It makes the lashes appear fuller and longer.

Lash Lift and Tint

We offer different options for how curly you'd like your lashes, from a subtle natural curl to a dramatic lift. These can all be tailored to suit your eye shape, face shape and desired look. We can change up the tint colour to suit you too! They are a perfect alternative to anyone allergic to lash extensions or just not wanting their maintenance!

Eyelash lifts usually last 4-8 weeks depending on your lash cycle. I usually recommend that my clients come back every 6 weeks to stay on top of their lift!

Although it is a chemical perm, we use gentle solutions and offer amazing aftercare serums to help keep your lashes in good condition! A patch test is required prior to this treatment.

I, Jamie, have been doing eyelash lifts for 9 years now! I have taught for some of the top brands in the world and I have clients who still come to me that have been with me since day 1! I pride myself on offering a friendly, but professional service and giving you amazing, low maintenance lashes if you follow my aftercare!

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